VAYA HAUTECASE which is a double-walled, vacuum-insulated serving vessel/casserole that keeps the food of your choice warm or cold for 4 to 5 hours*.

Premium Quality: – VAYA HAUTECASE is made of an insulated food grade stainless steel body that comes along with a Glass Lid. The lid is designed to resist damages with a stainless steel bottom and a silicone O-ring. And the Casserole is mad with Anti-slip base

Ready to Serve: – Enjoy fresh food any time with casserole on your Dining, the perfect serving casserole for any special occasions or household like birthday or anniversary parties, holiday, picnic will keep your Soup, Salads, chapati, Roti or any beverages hot and fresh for 4-5 hours*.

  • 1 Unit vacuum-insulated ss Hautecase body ( 1100ml capacity )
  • 1 Unit Stack Lid
  • 1 Unit Glass Lid
  • 1 Unit CarryMat
  • Metal body: Length: 25.9 cm, Width: 25.9 cm, Height: 7.3 cm, Weight: 1005gms
  • Materials: Food-grade Stainless Steel 304 finished with FDA-approved coating.
  • Stack Lid: Length: 28.1 cm, Width: 23.6 cm, Height: 2.6 cm, Weight: 370 gms
  • Materials: BPA-free lid made of Eastman Tritan plastic and an inner layer of stainless steel (SS304)

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