Lifelong LLM153 Foot Massager

  • The Foot Massager is a calming device that gives you great value for money. It has strongly been trusted by loyal users for over five years. The massager kneads and relaxes your muscles, letting the day's worries melt away. With more than 100 innovative products available in the category, no wonder millions of customers continue to choose Lifelong! Made for you, and made especially for your relaxation.
  • Get quick and effective relief from sore and aching muscles with the foot massager, as the massager targets your stressed muscles and provides a relaxing massage experience.
  • Customizable Controls
  • As a multi-functional massager, it is equipped with auto & manual functions. You can customize its speed & direction as per your preference.
  • Detachable foot cloth
  • The foot cloth can be removed by unzipping it from the massager and can be washed whenever you want to. The fabric is ventilated too, and it keeps odour away and keeps it fresh and hygienic.
  • Massage Therapy
  • Lifelong foot massager is well designed to give you a deep shiatsu massage with flexible kneading & rolling pads. It improves blood circulation by relieving pain and easing the tensed muscles.
  • It is specially designed to provide comfortable foot and leg massages anytime you want. The construction of the massager is durable and sturdy. Its 15 mins auto-shutoff feature offers safety and protection.

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LIFELONG Llm153 Foot Massager
LIFELONG Llm153 Foot Massager