LIFELONG Crazyfit Vibration Plate Massager Machine For Full Body

GRP - ₹6000 - ₹6500MRP - ₹14000

Lifelong Crazyfit Vibration Plate Massager Machine for Full Body Workout at Home for Weight Loss, Fat Burn, Blood Circulation, and Pain Relief

  • If you’re looking for a way to get your body in shape with little effort in the comfort of your own home, then we have the perfect Workout Platform for you. This Lifelong portable vibration plate machine burns fat and tones and tightens the skin, increasing your body’s metabolism. The vibrations reshape the body in the hip, waist and abdomen. You can increase muscle tone, strength, circulation and flexibility in just a few days. Kick your workout into high gear and order your Vibrating Workout Platform today. Features like ABS black body, scratch-resistant, walking, jogging, running, innovative sleek and slim line design, LED displayer for time/mode, speed modes for intensity adjustment makes this product a perfect addition to your home gym. Excellent toning equipment for abs, thighs & buttocks, improves metabolic rates. Perfect for sports training, weight loss, burning fat. Lab-tested to improve muscle strength, flexibility & circulation. Vibration assisted exercise for full-body training. Plug the power plate into the electric socket. Stand on the footboard and hold the resistance rope on both sides. Press the power button to “On”. Increase or decrease speed when desired. Use different exercise postures for a complete workout.
  • 2 in 1 for Fitness and Relaxation
  • Whole Body Wellness
  • Increase muscle strength, bone density and balance. Significantly improves weight-loss targets, makes physical activity easier over period of time.
  • Build Muscle and Shaping
  • Combine your workout with cellulite-busting exercises, combats cellulite build-up for ideal tone & shape , experience visibly rapid & rewarding results.
  • Burn Fat & Lose Weight
  • Vibrations force abdomen, back & pelvis muscles to work harder, improves core strength & athletic power, decreases stress.
  • Control your workout

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LIFELONG Crazyfit Vibration Plate Massager Machine For Full Body
LIFELONG Crazyfit Vibration Plate Massager Machine For Full Body