An easy and hygienic way to boil 6 eggs at a time, you simply need to add water, eggs, and connect the appliance. Designed with stainless steel flat heating plate and body, the egg boiler promises a safer and faster operation. Also, it comes with automatic power turn-off and over-temperature protection that automatically shuts down your machine once the eggs are done.

  • Product Name- KENT Super Egg Boiler
  • Max Power- 400 W
  • Input Power Supply- Single Phase 220-240 V AC, 50 Hz
  • Maximum Capacity- 6 Eggs
  • Product Dimensions (mm)- 205 (L) X 130 (W) X 140 (H)
  • Heating Plate- Stainless Steel

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KENT Super Egg Boiler
KENT Super Egg Boiler