The appliance is designed to boil 7 crack free eggs at a time. Just put the eggs, then water and with its one-touch operation you can boil Soft, Medium, or Hard eggs – the choice is yours. It has rust-resistant stainless steel body and heating plate for better heat retention. Also, you don’t need to frequently check if they are done as the boiler’s automatic power off will shut down the appliance once the process is done.

  • Product Name- KENT Instant EGG Boiler
  • Max Power- 360 W
  • Model Number- 16020
  • Input Power Supply- Single Phase 220-240 V AC, 50 Hz
  • Maximum Capacity- 7 Eggs
  • Product Dimensions (mm)- 115 (L) X 115 (W) X 125 (H)
  • Net Weight- 1.65 kg
  • Body Material- Stainless Steel

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KENT Egg Boiler
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