URBAN GEAR Ipacy Pro Folding Backpack

GRP - ₹100 - ₹500MRP - ₹899

Traveling is something most people are passionate about. And it is when we plan a trip out for chilling or to explore new things, excitement is something no one can escape from. So to just help retain that zeal & cheerful attitude, it is must be organized completely.

Thus, here is something to present those adventurous to be organized in a compact yet well manner. To ensure they are well prepared to enjoy a planned trip, by organizing their accessories & making them handy & easy to carry.

Urban Gear Ipacy Pro Folding Backpack

Foldable Backpack 16 x 22cm (Closed)

  • 42x27x13cm (OPen 15ltr)
  • Water Resistant material
  • bottle side pockets
  • Sporty look
  • Brand: Urban Gear

HSNCode: 420232

Color: Black/Red

UG NAME: Ipacy Pro

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URBAN GEAR Ipacy Pro Folding Backpack
URBAN GEAR Ipacy Pro Folding Backpack